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We are Millie and Friends

We care about your little friends.

The company is run by me, Donna and my partner, Danny. I started the company in February 2019 and then a year later, Danny joined me full time (he has always been there in the background). We both come from animal loving backgrounds and have had many a childhood pet including dogs and guinea pigs. We are fully insured and both hold a Level 2 Pet First Aid Certificate and are also CPR trained. 


We are now based in Stroud, Gloucestershire and we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful countryside, numerous country parks and outdoor spaces. All where we love taking your dogs.

At home we have a lovely dog named Molly, she is a new member of the team and is a Labrador Collie cross. She has made loads of friends on the Group walks and can't wait to make some more.

You may be wondering why we are called Millie and Friends as none of us are called Millie. Millie was our previous dog, a gorgeous Sprocker Spaniel. Sadly she passed away on New Year Eve 2019 due to unexpected health issues, she was only 2 years old. The company lives on in her memory as I started the company for her. She will be remembered in the many doggy friends she made on her Group walks and from her bouncy and friendly personality.

Our Team

Where all great adventures begin!



Dog Walker

I have loved animals since childhood and have had many a childhood pet including a Kerry Blue Terrier named Ryan and a guinea pig named Bubbles. Animals have always been in my life and inspired me to follow a career in zoo keeping after getting my animal degree (Bachelors Degree in Zoo Management and Foundation Degree in Animal Management). I spent many years working with all types of animals including Rhinos, Giraffe and Zebra in the zoo industry and in Feb 2019, I set up Millie and Friends Pet Services to spend more time with my own dog, Millie (who has sadly passed away since). The company has gone from strength to strength since then and in Feb 2020, I was joined full time by my life partner, Danny. I have a keen interest in animal behaviour and training and I am currently doing some courses to expand my knowledge.




Molly is a cheeky Borador (Lab cross Collie) who was born in Feb 2020. She has enjoyed joining the Woofateers group walks and met a lot of new friends. She is the youngest and the newest Woofateer but that doesn't stop her from taking charge of the rest of the group.



Dog Walker

I grew up around dogs having a mixed breed Terrier called Lady and later on two Chihuahua's called Fifi and Zara, I have always loved all sorts of animals. I joined the company full time in Feb 2020, even though I was always there in the background since the company's inception, designing the website and sorting out the accounting side. We both work together offering our now expanding services to many more people and so we can cater for more four legged friends. I have a keen interest in dog agility and I am currently doing an Agility course so watch this space, I hope to teach Molly when she is old enough.

We are Enrichment Specialists!

But what does this mean?

Enrichment is something that enhances or improves your pet’s life.

We aim to include enrichment in everything we do, whether this is letting your dog sniff for a bit longer on walks, introducing a snuffle mat or letting them play with new toys.

We use 6 different types of enrichment with your pets:

  1. Social Enrichment – this may include taking the dogs somewhere new, introducing them to new friends in a group walk or introducing your pets to us for the first time.

  2. Cognitive Enrichment – such as using puzzle games or snuffle mats to get there brains working.

  3. Physical Enrichment – such as bringing a tunnel to pet sits for your pets to explore.

  4. Sensory Enrichment – this may include letting your dog sniff for a bit longer when out for a walk or introducing your pets to bubbles (peanut butter flavour is always a favourite with our dog).

  5. Feeding Enrichment – such as hiding treats in long grass or providing iced treats to our pet sitting or holiday cover clients.

  6. Toy Enrichment – such as introducing them to new toys and playing with them.

Check out our social media sites for photos and tips on some more of the enrichment we use.