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Hi, I'm Millie but you can call me Mils for short, I have come here today to tell you a bit about myself and my Owner Donna. I am a Sprocker Spaniel and I love getting into mischief and really enjoy dipping myself into any kind of water or puddles as it's so fun and cooling. When I'm not water diving, I love going for lovely walk with my owner, we go out and about around Bridgnorth and the surrounding area's, so feel free to visit the Photo Gallery for pictures on mine and my friends adventures. Also visit my blog to read about some of the mischief and adventures I get up to. Anyway that's enough about me let me tell you about my amazing owner Donna.


Donna is the owner of Millie and Friends Pet Services. The company as you can probably tell is named after me and my mission to make as many new friends as possible whether it be animals or humans, I don't mind, the more the merrier. I also love enrichment and aim to share all the enrichment ideas Donna has come up with.

Donna grew up around dogs and had a cherished childhood K9 friend, a Kerry Blue Terrier named Ryan as a pet from the age of 8. Donna also had 2 guinea pigs named Bubbles and Squeak when she was younger too. Donna always dreamed about working with animals and that was her goal and ambition. She wants to make your pet as happy and as loved as I am. Donna currently has a degree in an animal related field (which includes dog behaviour and animal welfare) and she is also a former zookeeper of some pretty big animals such as rhino's, giraffes, zebra's and Cape buffalo to name a few, so smaller animals are not a problem for her. She love us all, big or small. Donna has quite a few enrichment plans and toys that she will share with any animals. If your loved pet is a little shy or nervous, I will of course stay at home and your pet can be Donna's new friend (she will take good care of them).

Donna fully insured, has a clean DBS check and is fully pet first aid trained (including CPR), just ask to view her certificates!

Please check out her services list for more information.


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 We believe in happy pets plus attractive prices.

All our prices are reasonable and includes a free meet and greet, enrichment and of course playtime as standard. Play time is a big part of what we do, whether its socialising with Millie, games or enrichment, your pet is sure to have fun! Some examples of the enrichment we use are; feeder balls, scatter feeding, scent trails, snuffle matts and many more.  We are an enrichment specialist and have a 5 step enrichment plan that can be tailor made for each pet if desirable .


Our 5 Step enrichment plan


 Aim of the 5 step enrichment plan is to encourage playful interactions, enhance natural behaviour, boost socialisation and bonding.


1. Passive enrichment 

This is a very basic form of enrichment and involves providing sensory stimulation for your pet, to encourage the use of one or more of their senses. Here at Millie and Friends we use this first step to provide your pet with human interaction, socialisation and sensory stimulation in the form of walks and scatter feeding. 


2. Treats, treats and more treats.  

We find that most pets enjoy the odd treat. We aim to find treats that work for your pet, encourage the use of treats (but not excessively) and combine them with either training or enrichment to encourage natural behaviours. In this step we introduce the snuffle mat and create trails of treats for your pet to find, this encourages them to use their noses, sense of smell and sight.  


3. Toys! 

In the third step we introduce your pet to toys! Most pets are already well endowed with this step, but for those who are not, we find toys that are suitable for them. These may include Kong's filled with treats, feeder balls or bones and tickle sticks. Basically, any toy that keeps their attention! 


4. Hidden treats! 

Hidden treats are a fun way to encourage your pet to look for their food. You can even do this with their normal food, provided its dry food to lengthen their feeding time. We use a variety of different methods to encourage your pet to use their senses such as hiding treats in blankets, putting treats in boxes or old toilet roll tubes and hiding treats under objects. 


5. Cognitive toys and puzzles 

The final step is the hardest. By working up to this, your pet should be used to enrichment and by adding puzzles will really make them work for the treats. We use puzzle games/ boards and even create mazes for your pet, to stimulate their minds, get them thinking about how to get the treats out and use all their senses. 


This enrichment plan really does depend on your pet and we will not push them into anything they do not want to do. All enrichment is optional for your pet and we aim to promote a positive experience for them. Each pet has to ‘graduate’ through the steps before the next one, so don’t worry if your pet seems to be stuck, we will help them in any way possible.  

Some Enrichment ActivitiesSome Enrichment Activities


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