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Posted 8/12/2019

Hi, I’m Millie the Sprocker who the company is named after. This blog details all the stuff I have been up to in November.

This month was my birthday! Yay. For those who missed it, it was on the 16th November and I turned 2! I’m still very much a puppy and will never slow down, I can even outrun some the puppies on the group walks. I got well and truly spoilt for my birthday, with loads of new toys and the pawrents even made me a cake, yum.

Also, this month, I have been very busy making new friends. I love making new friends. I met Luna the Cockapoo and her sister Inca the British Bulldog puppy. We got along so well, even if Luna did keep stealing the ball. I also met Billie the cava-cockapoo puppy, who was very nice and playful. She is so good that she is joining our group walks so we will spend lots more time together. 


Benson & BillieBenson & Billie


I’m doing a new feature this month, which will highlight ‘The Woof-ateers’ adventures. Read below to find out who they are.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I love spending time with the pawrents and with all the new friends I meet. Pop back at the beginning of January to see what I get for Christmas. Have a Very Millie Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Scroll Down for the Woof-ateers!



The Woof-ateers!

If you have been reading our Facebook and Instagram posts you will know who these are, but for those who don’t here are the woof-ateers:

We have the ever-present Millie, the beautiful Rosie, the fluffy Benson and the newly featured ultra-fluffy Billie and also honorary member Pat, who only does 2 days a week. The woof-ateers is our pack name for our lunchtime group walk. This month the woof-ateers welcomed a new pack member cava-cockapoo Billie. Keep up to date with them by checking our Facebook and Instagram posts regularly. They get up to all sorts of mayhem and mischief… such as rolling around in muddy puddles, learning to share sticks and of course loads of running and play-fighting.


Millie, Luna & IncaMillie, Luna & Inca


Millie’s Top Tips for a Doggy Safe Christmas

I love Christmas especially all the presents I get and the food. Here’s some tips so that you can enjoy Christmas as much as I do. I love a Christmas dinner, however not all Christmas foods are safe for us pets to eat.


• Turkey (cooked, lean and no bones) – dogs and cats
• Carrots (raw or boiled with no glaze)
• Parsnips (raw or boiled with no glaze)
• Green beans (plain boiled or steamed)
• Brussel sprouts – expect some dodgy doggy farts later (plain boiled or steamed)
• Broccoli (plain boiled or steamed)
• Cauliflower (plain boiled)
• Potatoes (plain boiled and only in small amounts)


• Bones (cooked – can easily get stuck)
• Pigs in blankets (too salty, very fatty and too rich – they can cause pancreatitis)
• Onions or anything with onion sauce or onions in (toxic to us)
• Garlic (toxic to us)
• Leeks and shallots (toxic to us)
• Mincemeat (toxic to us)
• Fruit cake (toxic to us)
• Dried fruits, currants, raisins or sultanas (toxic to us)
• Nuts (toxic to us)
• Stuffing (contains onions that are toxic to us)
• Alcohol (toxic to us)
• Chocolate (toxic to us)
• Watch out for foods that may contain garlic, onions or leeks such as gravy, stuffing or bread sauce

  1. When having family over, make sure your pets have a quiet spot they can go to if it gets too much and be mindful of younger children wanting to play with pets when they may not want you do. Look out for behaviours such as hiding, pulling away and not making eye contact as these are all indicators that your pets want some alone time.
  2. We love an advent calendar! You can get these for dogs, cats and even small pets. I have already demolished a few doggy chocolates out of mine!
  3. Watch out for those chocolates on the Christmas tree, make sure they are kept out of reach of pets … dogs like me, try and pull them off and eat them. We don’t want a trip to the vets.
  4. Avoid feeding us pets table scraps, as tempting as it may be. We can have our food later, in a quiet room out of the way.
  5. If you are leaving your pets to go out, make sure you leave them engaged. Leave a Kong or brain puzzles, so they won’t miss you too much.
  6. For pets that gets stressed easily, leave a pheromone plug in to help calm them. These are available at every good pet shop.
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Halloween & Bonfire Night

Posted 5/11/2019

Millie’s Blog – 1st Nov

Hello, I’m Millie the Sprocker and here’s all that I have been up to in October with my Pawrents. 

So, this month I have been very social and have been perfecting my meeting new dogs skills (see 1st Oct entry for my top tips). I met another new friend this month by the name of Pat, he is a Jack Russell puppy and is very friendly. He loves running around and following me, we are going to be great friends. I have also been really enjoying my group walks with Benson and Rosie, we go to this cool place where Donna lets me off the lead (amazing!!!). I run around and around with the other puppies. It is so great, although I get really exhausted after all this running after puppies, it is hard work! Donna still has some spaces for these group walks, I would really love to meet some more new friends. So if your dog is as sociable as me please email for more info.

Me & Pat my new FriendMe & Pat my new Friend


Anyway, back to me, I have had a great time this month with Halloween and fireworks. Halloween is great, but I really don’t like being dressed up, so I got some Halloween themed toys instead, yay! Donna made me and her other dog friends some Halloween themed treats and they went down very fast, then they were all gone very quickly. I really like peanut butter and oat biscuits! Fireworks don’t tend to bother me too much and I like to watch them, however if you do have problems with them, check out by top tips on surviving them below.

My Halloween Toy!My Halloween Toy!

Once again thanks for reading my blog, I will be back next month to see how November has gone. To join me and my other friends on group walks please contact

Millie’s Top Tips for Surviving Fireworks

I’m not bothered by fireworks, but if you find them a little scary please see my top tips below:

  1. Walk dogs when its light outside. To avoid fireworks only walk us when its light outside, as nobody sets off fireworks in the daytime.
  2. Close all windows and doors and please keep us inside. To muffle the noise of fireworks, shut all windows and doors, many animals don’t like loud noises… I sure don’t!
  3. Put some music or the TV on. I like classical music and I like watching TV, make sure to put the sound up a bit higher when the fireworks are going off to muffle the sound out to help animals that are scared or nervous.
  4. Create some hiding spaces and a quiet area in your house. Some of my friends will try and hide under the table, behind the sofa or in the cupboard under the stairs, make these available to them and put blankets down for them to lie on.
  5. For very nervous animals, consider consulting your vet, as they will be able to provide calming aids to help your pet.
  6. Tell your Pawrents, to distract you whilst the fireworks on going off…. Engage in play or get them to get you a long-lasting chew to distract you.
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Photo Ready!

Posted 1/10/2019

Millie’s Blog – 1st Oct

Hello, I’m Millie the Sprocker Spaniel and welcome to my September blog, here’s all I have been up to in September.

It’s been a relaxing month for me, but I had loads of playtime with Rosie and met a new friend called Benson. He is a Labradoodle puppy and is loads of fun. Here’s a picture of us playing in the field. He loves a good chase about and a play fight. I feel we are going to be good friends.

Me & Benson Flying!Me & Benson Flying!

I had a pet photo shoot done this month, that was loads of fun. I went to a studio where people took loads of pictures of me … I love getting pictures taken, although they must get the right side! I had pictures taken on boxes, on the floor and by my pawrents. The only trouble was they kept getting me to be still and I don’t stay still for very long. I can’t help it, I like to explore and run about. I think they got some good ones though, still waiting for the photos to come through so I can see how good I look!


Millie’s Top Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Existing Pets

As I have met a few new friends in recent months, I would like to share how I meet them in a safe way.

  1. Meet on neutral ground and use two people if necessary. This is very important as we dog’s like to defend our territories (our houses) from other dogs, so the first meeting must be on neutral ground e.g. in a park.
  2. Keep on a loose lead when approaching. Please allow us to introduce ourselves in our own way. The way I do it, is to sniff the dog first or completely ignore them as I have got distracted. I’m normally more interested in the humans as I must check if they have treats first!
  3. Keep the initial meeting brief and allow us to go off and do our own thing. Normally Donna has loads of treats to hand, so this helps to distract us if things are getting a little out of hand.
  4. Use a positive tone of voice. This really helps to keep things light and I for one respond better to a positive atmosphere.
  5. Keep an eye on our body language. Good positive language e.g. tail wagging is a good sign, whereas defensive growling and snapping could mean trouble. I’m such a placid dog that whenever I meet other dogs, I just roll over instinctively in submission. I get along well with everyone.
  6. Walk around the block or field for a bit before heading home. If us dogs are getting on well and are calm, you can let us off the lead once we are at home.
  7. Continue to monitor the situation as us dogs will sort things out ourselves and they will be a bit of conflict to start before we have established ourselves.


Thanks, so much for reading my blog, check in next month to see what I have been up to in October. Please continue to look out on the Millie and Friends Facebook & Instagram page for my new photos! Once again, I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Service and for those dogs that are compatible get to walk with me yay. I love meeting new friends!


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Hot Summer Days & Nights

Posted 1/9/2019

I hope everyone had a nice bank holiday weekend. It was hot and I spent most of my time asleep in true Millie style. I don’t really like the warm weather as I want to play and run about, but my Pawrents won’t let me as its too hot. So I had a nice cool towel over me whilst I slept with a few treats thrown in. 

I have had a nice month (August), spending most of my time chilling and relaxing. I did visit my best friend Jaxx and my Grandpawrents for my Pawrent Donna’s birthday (I hope she had a great day with me). I have also been getting along really well with my next-door neighbour Rosie we go for walks 3 times a week and we share sticks and balls she’s my new best friend. Rosie is Labrador puppy and we love to play and wind each other up and be mischievous for Donna, I hope I’m teaching Rosie to be good and I'm not getting her into too much trouble hehe 

 Me and Rosie with stickMe and Rosie with stick

Millie’s Top Tips from Travelling in the car

I get to travel in the car quite a bit to see Grandpawrents, see below for my top tips at car travel. 

  1. Make sure you are comfortable, have a blanket or bed for car travel. Comfort first! 

  1. When travelling, I always go out for a walk before we set off, as knowing me I will need a wee as soon as we set off.  

  1. If travelling in the boot of the car – whether its in a crate or straight in the boot, make sure there’s enough space to lie down. I like to lie down flat, spread out and go to sleep, so I must have the whole boot.  

  1. If you’re nervous about travelling, don’t be its really fun and can get to go to sleep for hours! If you are nervous or get too excited, get your Pawrents to consult a vet for advice before taking a long trip. 

  1. Make sure you stop regularly, as I get too hot in the boot. I tend to stop every 1 and a half hours for a break and a stretch of my legs. Plus most service stations these days have some dog friendly areas or walking areas for both dogs and Pawrents alike.   

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Dog Days & Sleepy Time

Posted 1/8/2019


I’ve had a more relaxed month, this month. July has been my first month as a full-time house dog, I used to go to Doggy Daycare, but as my hooman has gone full time with Millie and Friends Pet Services, it’s sofa time for me. I love all this extra time to sleep, its my favourite thing. Plus, now I get to meet even more friends from all the group walks I go on. I met a few new friends this month, the puppy Rosie and the German Shephard cross Mia. They are both amazing and I get along well with them. Rosie is perfect for running and playing and Mia is like a mother figure and just does her own thing. I’m sure there’s loads more friends out there I can meet.  


Me and RosieMe and Rosie

Me and MiaMe and Mia









With the hottest day on record on Thursday 25th July, I had a job trying to cool down, as did my hoomansThey prepared well though with ice lollies and ice cubes, the fan being on constantly throughout the day and only taking me outside when it was cool enough. I also got a nice cooling dog towel, which kept me nice and cool throughout the day. I did a lot of sleeping that day. That entire week was hot, but I kept cool inside with the fan on.  



My Top Tips on How to Survive a Summer Heatwave  

With the hottest day on record so far, I’m going to give you my tips on how to stay cool.  

  1. Use ice (my hoomans make me frozen treats with water, dog gravy, meat or carrots). It is a common misconception that ice is bad for dogs, I love ice. Its only bad if dogs are already suffering from heatstroke.  

  1. Use a cooling towel – I have one that my hoomans use to cover me on hot days, it cools me downloads.  

  1. Provide shade  

  1. Don’t walk in the heat of the day (between 11-2). With the temperature reaching 36 degrees here on Thursday 25th July, no dogs, including me want to be out in that heat.  

  1. Provide loads of water and cool places inside with the curtains closed and a fan on to circulate the air. 


Thanks, so much for reading my blog, check in next month to see what I have been up to in August. I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Services, those compatible with me, will get to walk with me yay, I love meeting new friends! 

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Vets & Holiday

Posted 1/7/2019

What have I been up to in June?

Well, its been quite a month, I went on holiday for the first time and on the bad side, I had to go to the vets… I don’t like the vets now.  

So, the good part, holiday. I went on holiday to the Lake District with the pawparents and the great-pawparents. It was soooo good, we went on loads of walks, went to the beach and I even went for a dip in the lakes and I swam… I knew I could swim. I was actually quite good at it, but I don’t like it if there’s a tide, as water gets all in my mouth. I got well and truly spoilt on holiday, I got loads of new toys… some of which didn’t last, as I don’t know my own strengthgot loads of treats, a new bandana to wear (which I’m not sure of, although its in a pretty colour, that matches my eyes) and we did loads of fun outings together. We were staying in a lodge and every morning. I went out on the decking to chase the ducks through the fence …I still can’t catch one, I just stalk and when they fly off I run after them, it’s good fun. Plus by the lodge there was loads of new doggos to meet, play with and chase. I had such a good time but I’m glad to be back home in my bed, as I’m knackered, I slept all of the following day to catch up! 

So, before I went on holiday, I had to go to the vets, for some routine checks and to be knocked out for an ultrasound. It was nothing bad, they just wanted to check if I had something, but thankfully I don’t yay!  I don’t like the vets as it smells funny, everyone constantly wants you to be still (which I don’t like to be, I have to be on the go all the time, I’m still a young pup after all) and there’s the vet himself, I don’t like him as he pokes and prods in places no one should. So, I was nervous and accidently peed on the floor. I really don’t like doing this. I so much prefer grass, but I lose control of my bladder when I’m in there. This place makes me so nervous, although there is some good parts as the vet nurses are really nice and they even let me play with toys when I’m out the back, so it’s not too bad, I still prefer my own bed to them cages though. Thankfully they didn’t find anything to worry about, I’m just on some pills for cystitis and that’s it, so on more going to the vets for me, yay. 


My Top Tips on Surviving a Vet Visit

If your pawparents drag you to the vets, please follow these top tips on surviving…. 

  1. If you accidently pee on the floor, as you are nervous. Don’t worry the pawparents won’t even shout at you, as you can’t help it.  

  1. Get the vet nurses and reception team on your side. You can do this by turned those puppy dog eyes up to the maximum and by carefully creeping up to them. This way if you must stay at the vets (I wouldn’t recommend it, but if necessary), you are in a good place and they may even let you play with toys and take you out of the cage. 

  1. Try and be as still as possible when in the waiting area. I always have problems with this one, as I want to greet every pet that comes through the door and whine because my pawparents won’t let me. Settling down and preferably sleeping will help the time go by when you are waiting to see the dreaded vet.  

  1. When you meet the vet, try to not be afraid him/her, they are actually really nice. My vet, always bends down and greets me and I even get a few strokes in, before he starts prodding about. I always trust the vet is professional and knows what he/she is doing, so I tolerate the prodding. Try and stay calm when this is happening, as the quicker it will be done, and you can get out of there. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, come back next month to see what I have been up to in July. I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Services… all one-hour walks or dog sitting, get to meet me, Millie, yay.  


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My First Blog

Posted 1/6/2019

Millie’s First Blog 

About Me

So, this is my first blog, so I better make a good impression. I am a Sprocker Spaniel and live with my owners Donna and Danny. We get up to all sorts of fun and games, I love to run, play and chase birds! They are so evil, they never want to play with me, just fly off instead. I love playing with other humans, dogs and any animal I can find. I have a best friend, his name is Jaxx and he lives an hour away with my grandparents, we love to run and play ball together. I also have 2 adopted sisters who live with my other grandparents, they are nice when they want to be, but I can’t quite understand them, they want to sleep all the time and are grumpy, whereas all I want to do is play.  


What I have been up to?

So as this is my 1st blog, I will have to tell you all the things I have been up to over the last few months. Its been a whirlwind of games and play.  


So, in March, I went to an open day for a doggy day-care, that was fun as I got to play with bubbles on a bubble machine, chase a lure and went for a dip in a pool for the 1st time, I say a dip I fell in….. Also, in March I went to Cotswold Wildlife Park and made friends with the lionsemus and chickens, also the goats were cool 

In April, I went along to a dog fun day and met all sorts of dogs and got bought loads of treats. I also discovered I can climb trees… those birds can’t fly away from me now!  


In May, I got a new enrichment snake and its normally filled with yummy peanut butter, New Snake!!!New Snake!!!but sometimes its quite hard to get it out, but I like a challenge. I went in for a dip in the lake this month, it’s good fun getting myself and everyone around me wet! Me and Jaxx had fun playing with bubbles this month as well… I don’t know how they don’t stay still.  



Wow, I think that’s you all caught up, phew!  


How to cool down Sprocker Style!

With all the nice weather we have been having over the last few months, I thought I would share with you some tips for staying cool, the spaniel way!  

  1. Get body fully submerged in water and stay there  Me and my friends in some water.Me and my friends in some water.

  1. Jump in and out of the water and make as much splashing as possible…. Make sure to shake by a human. 

  1. Drink plenty of cool fresh water (sometimes with ice cubes in) 

  1. Lie down in a cool spot and go to sleep 


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog, come back next month to see what I have been up to in June. I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Services… all one-hour walks or home pop in’s, get to meet me, Millie.  

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