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Dog Days & Sleepy Time

Posted 1/8/2019


I’ve had a more relaxed month, this month. July has been my first month as a full-time house dog, I used to go to Doggy Daycare, but as my hooman has gone full time with Millie and Friends Pet Services, it’s sofa time for me. I love all this extra time to sleep, its my favourite thing. Plus, now I get to meet even more friends from all the group walks I go on. I met a few new friends this month, the puppy Rosie and the German Shephard cross Mia. They are both amazing and I get along well with them. Rosie is perfect for running and playing and Mia is like a mother figure and just does her own thing. I’m sure there’s loads more friends out there I can meet.  


Me and RosieMe and Rosie

Me and MiaMe and Mia









With the hottest day on record on Thursday 25th July, I had a job trying to cool down, as did my hoomansThey prepared well though with ice lollies and ice cubes, the fan being on constantly throughout the day and only taking me outside when it was cool enough. I also got a nice cooling dog towel, which kept me nice and cool throughout the day. I did a lot of sleeping that day. That entire week was hot, but I kept cool inside with the fan on.  



My Top Tips on How to Survive a Summer Heatwave  

With the hottest day on record so far, I’m going to give you my tips on how to stay cool.  

  1. Use ice (my hoomans make me frozen treats with water, dog gravy, meat or carrots). It is a common misconception that ice is bad for dogs, I love ice. Its only bad if dogs are already suffering from heatstroke.  

  1. Use a cooling towel – I have one that my hoomans use to cover me on hot days, it cools me downloads.  

  1. Provide shade  

  1. Don’t walk in the heat of the day (between 11-2). With the temperature reaching 36 degrees here on Thursday 25th July, no dogs, including me want to be out in that heat.  

  1. Provide loads of water and cool places inside with the curtains closed and a fan on to circulate the air. 


Thanks, so much for reading my blog, check in next month to see what I have been up to in August. I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Services, those compatible with me, will get to walk with me yay, I love meeting new friends! 

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