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Halloween & Bonfire Night

Posted 5/11/2019

Millie’s Blog – 1st Nov

Hello, I’m Millie the Sprocker and here’s all that I have been up to in October with my Pawrents. 

So, this month I have been very social and have been perfecting my meeting new dogs skills (see 1st Oct entry for my top tips). I met another new friend this month by the name of Pat, he is a Jack Russell puppy and is very friendly. He loves running around and following me, we are going to be great friends. I have also been really enjoying my group walks with Benson and Rosie, we go to this cool place where Donna lets me off the lead (amazing!!!). I run around and around with the other puppies. It is so great, although I get really exhausted after all this running after puppies, it is hard work! Donna still has some spaces for these group walks, I would really love to meet some more new friends. So if your dog is as sociable as me please email for more info.

Me & Pat my new FriendMe & Pat my new Friend


Anyway, back to me, I have had a great time this month with Halloween and fireworks. Halloween is great, but I really don’t like being dressed up, so I got some Halloween themed toys instead, yay! Donna made me and her other dog friends some Halloween themed treats and they went down very fast, then they were all gone very quickly. I really like peanut butter and oat biscuits! Fireworks don’t tend to bother me too much and I like to watch them, however if you do have problems with them, check out by top tips on surviving them below.

My Halloween Toy!My Halloween Toy!

Once again thanks for reading my blog, I will be back next month to see how November has gone. To join me and my other friends on group walks please contact

Millie’s Top Tips for Surviving Fireworks

I’m not bothered by fireworks, but if you find them a little scary please see my top tips below:

  1. Walk dogs when its light outside. To avoid fireworks only walk us when its light outside, as nobody sets off fireworks in the daytime.
  2. Close all windows and doors and please keep us inside. To muffle the noise of fireworks, shut all windows and doors, many animals don’t like loud noises… I sure don’t!
  3. Put some music or the TV on. I like classical music and I like watching TV, make sure to put the sound up a bit higher when the fireworks are going off to muffle the sound out to help animals that are scared or nervous.
  4. Create some hiding spaces and a quiet area in your house. Some of my friends will try and hide under the table, behind the sofa or in the cupboard under the stairs, make these available to them and put blankets down for them to lie on.
  5. For very nervous animals, consider consulting your vet, as they will be able to provide calming aids to help your pet.
  6. Tell your Pawrents, to distract you whilst the fireworks on going off…. Engage in play or get them to get you a long-lasting chew to distract you.

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