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Hot Summer Days & Nights

Posted 1/9/2019

I hope everyone had a nice bank holiday weekend. It was hot and I spent most of my time asleep in true Millie style. I don’t really like the warm weather as I want to play and run about, but my Pawrents won’t let me as its too hot. So I had a nice cool towel over me whilst I slept with a few treats thrown in. 

I have had a nice month (August), spending most of my time chilling and relaxing. I did visit my best friend Jaxx and my Grandpawrents for my Pawrent Donna’s birthday (I hope she had a great day with me). I have also been getting along really well with my next-door neighbour Rosie we go for walks 3 times a week and we share sticks and balls she’s my new best friend. Rosie is Labrador puppy and we love to play and wind each other up and be mischievous for Donna, I hope I’m teaching Rosie to be good and I'm not getting her into too much trouble hehe 

 Me and Rosie with stickMe and Rosie with stick

Millie’s Top Tips from Travelling in the car

I get to travel in the car quite a bit to see Grandpawrents, see below for my top tips at car travel. 

  1. Make sure you are comfortable, have a blanket or bed for car travel. Comfort first! 

  1. When travelling, I always go out for a walk before we set off, as knowing me I will need a wee as soon as we set off.  

  1. If travelling in the boot of the car – whether its in a crate or straight in the boot, make sure there’s enough space to lie down. I like to lie down flat, spread out and go to sleep, so I must have the whole boot.  

  1. If you’re nervous about travelling, don’t be its really fun and can get to go to sleep for hours! If you are nervous or get too excited, get your Pawrents to consult a vet for advice before taking a long trip. 

  1. Make sure you stop regularly, as I get too hot in the boot. I tend to stop every 1 and a half hours for a break and a stretch of my legs. Plus most service stations these days have some dog friendly areas or walking areas for both dogs and Pawrents alike.   

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