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Photo Ready!

Posted 1/10/2019

Millie’s Blog – 1st Oct

Hello, I’m Millie the Sprocker Spaniel and welcome to my September blog, here’s all I have been up to in September.

It’s been a relaxing month for me, but I had loads of playtime with Rosie and met a new friend called Benson. He is a Labradoodle puppy and is loads of fun. Here’s a picture of us playing in the field. He loves a good chase about and a play fight. I feel we are going to be good friends.

Me & Benson Flying!Me & Benson Flying!

I had a pet photo shoot done this month, that was loads of fun. I went to a studio where people took loads of pictures of me … I love getting pictures taken, although they must get the right side! I had pictures taken on boxes, on the floor and by my pawrents. The only trouble was they kept getting me to be still and I don’t stay still for very long. I can’t help it, I like to explore and run about. I think they got some good ones though, still waiting for the photos to come through so I can see how good I look!


Millie’s Top Tips for Introducing a New Pet to Existing Pets

As I have met a few new friends in recent months, I would like to share how I meet them in a safe way.

  1. Meet on neutral ground and use two people if necessary. This is very important as we dog’s like to defend our territories (our houses) from other dogs, so the first meeting must be on neutral ground e.g. in a park.
  2. Keep on a loose lead when approaching. Please allow us to introduce ourselves in our own way. The way I do it, is to sniff the dog first or completely ignore them as I have got distracted. I’m normally more interested in the humans as I must check if they have treats first!
  3. Keep the initial meeting brief and allow us to go off and do our own thing. Normally Donna has loads of treats to hand, so this helps to distract us if things are getting a little out of hand.
  4. Use a positive tone of voice. This really helps to keep things light and I for one respond better to a positive atmosphere.
  5. Keep an eye on our body language. Good positive language e.g. tail wagging is a good sign, whereas defensive growling and snapping could mean trouble. I’m such a placid dog that whenever I meet other dogs, I just roll over instinctively in submission. I get along well with everyone.
  6. Walk around the block or field for a bit before heading home. If us dogs are getting on well and are calm, you can let us off the lead once we are at home.
  7. Continue to monitor the situation as us dogs will sort things out ourselves and they will be a bit of conflict to start before we have established ourselves.


Thanks, so much for reading my blog, check in next month to see what I have been up to in October. Please continue to look out on the Millie and Friends Facebook & Instagram page for my new photos! Once again, I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Service and for those dogs that are compatible get to walk with me yay. I love meeting new friends!


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