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Vets & Holiday

Posted 1/7/2019

What have I been up to in June?

Well, its been quite a month, I went on holiday for the first time and on the bad side, I had to go to the vets… I don’t like the vets now.  

So, the good part, holiday. I went on holiday to the Lake District with the pawparents and the great-pawparents. It was soooo good, we went on loads of walks, went to the beach and I even went for a dip in the lakes and I swam… I knew I could swim. I was actually quite good at it, but I don’t like it if there’s a tide, as water gets all in my mouth. I got well and truly spoilt on holiday, I got loads of new toys… some of which didn’t last, as I don’t know my own strengthgot loads of treats, a new bandana to wear (which I’m not sure of, although its in a pretty colour, that matches my eyes) and we did loads of fun outings together. We were staying in a lodge and every morning. I went out on the decking to chase the ducks through the fence …I still can’t catch one, I just stalk and when they fly off I run after them, it’s good fun. Plus by the lodge there was loads of new doggos to meet, play with and chase. I had such a good time but I’m glad to be back home in my bed, as I’m knackered, I slept all of the following day to catch up! 

So, before I went on holiday, I had to go to the vets, for some routine checks and to be knocked out for an ultrasound. It was nothing bad, they just wanted to check if I had something, but thankfully I don’t yay!  I don’t like the vets as it smells funny, everyone constantly wants you to be still (which I don’t like to be, I have to be on the go all the time, I’m still a young pup after all) and there’s the vet himself, I don’t like him as he pokes and prods in places no one should. So, I was nervous and accidently peed on the floor. I really don’t like doing this. I so much prefer grass, but I lose control of my bladder when I’m in there. This place makes me so nervous, although there is some good parts as the vet nurses are really nice and they even let me play with toys when I’m out the back, so it’s not too bad, I still prefer my own bed to them cages though. Thankfully they didn’t find anything to worry about, I’m just on some pills for cystitis and that’s it, so on more going to the vets for me, yay. 


My Top Tips on Surviving a Vet Visit

If your pawparents drag you to the vets, please follow these top tips on surviving…. 

  1. If you accidently pee on the floor, as you are nervous. Don’t worry the pawparents won’t even shout at you, as you can’t help it.  

  1. Get the vet nurses and reception team on your side. You can do this by turned those puppy dog eyes up to the maximum and by carefully creeping up to them. This way if you must stay at the vets (I wouldn’t recommend it, but if necessary), you are in a good place and they may even let you play with toys and take you out of the cage. 

  1. Try and be as still as possible when in the waiting area. I always have problems with this one, as I want to greet every pet that comes through the door and whine because my pawparents won’t let me. Settling down and preferably sleeping will help the time go by when you are waiting to see the dreaded vet.  

  1. When you meet the vet, try to not be afraid him/her, they are actually really nice. My vet, always bends down and greets me and I even get a few strokes in, before he starts prodding about. I always trust the vet is professional and knows what he/she is doing, so I tolerate the prodding. Try and stay calm when this is happening, as the quicker it will be done, and you can get out of there. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog, come back next month to see what I have been up to in July. I would highly recommend Millie and Friends Pet Services… all one-hour walks or dog sitting, get to meet me, Millie, yay.  


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