Walking your Dog in Cold Weather

As the cold weather approaches, please remember dogs can get cold too. If your dog is a smaller breed, is elderly or a puppy, has thyroid problems, chronic lung problems or has a short coat (such as Whippets or Greyhounds) they will need extra care and attention in cold weather. Putting a coat on your dog, will keep them warm and dry.

Winter Safety Tips

- When walking on pavements or near to a road, take extra care for the use of salt, grit or de-icer. These chemicals can irritate dogs’ paws. We advise to wipe dogs’ paws after you have come back from a walk or in certain instances use doggy boots.

- As mentioned above putting a coat on your dog will keep them warm and dry. Don’t forget your own coat, hat, scarf or gloves.

- In very cold weather, limit the amount of time your dog spends outside and look out for the signs of hypothermia or frostbite. Signs include: whining, shivering, anxious behaviours, slowing down or looking for somewhere to burrow. If your dog does any of these behaviours get them inside straight away and go to the vet if symptoms persist.

- If its too cold, please don’t walk your dog. Use this useful chart below.

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